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Fic: "Momentum Building"

After a decade or so in fandom, I finally took the plunge and wrote my first fic for the 2012 Het Big Bang! It's a crossover/fusion with Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse," but hopefully you can enjoy it without having seen that series--JAM is the main focus :)

Title: Momentum Building
Author: stars_inthe_sky | stars_inthe_sky
Rating: T
Length: 26K words

Summary: "I didn’t exist for seven years, and when I woke up, the world had ended. And then…I didn’t want to be scared anymore." Post-"Casino Night," Pam gets recruited by the Dollhouse. Long after the Call, India runs into an old friend. (The Office/Dollhouse crossover)

HEREMomentum Building
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