she thinks i'm a leprechaun. (venus_aurea) wrote in office_fanworks,
she thinks i'm a leprechaun.

Mixed Signals (various pairings)

Title: Mixed Signals
Author: venus_aurea
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: The Office
Pairings/Characters: Andy/Kelly, Andy/Erin, Ryan/Kelly, Gabe/Erin
Summary: Andy wants Kelly to help him win Erin back. Things get a little bit complicated.
Comments: I had tons of fun with this fic, since Andy and Kelly are pretty much my favorite people to write about these days. Contains a couple of small spoilers for Season 7.

( Kelly watches him stroll away and decides that Andy really is pretty cool, even if he does play the banjo, which is pretty much the dorkiest instrument in existence. And she isn’t a big fan of the way Andy dresses, but she supposes it’s kind of cute in a weird, Lady Gaga-like way. )
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