Lauren (ladama23) wrote in office_fanworks,

PB&J Fanart and MoreThanThat!

Hello everyone, is there anyone out there anymore? I thought I'd come back to LJ and share this series that I've been working on for a year now. You can blame Netflix for me watching The Office one evening last summer, falling back in love with these two, and deciding to try out drawing them in colored pencil. (Jenna liked the skating one on IG and I lost it!)

( The whole series at my journal ) I also post WIPs on my art tumblr and instagram.

Also, attention Office FanFic lovers! I'm now a part the MoreThanThat admin team and with some other enthusiastic fans we're commited to keeping MTT the best place to find high-quality Office fanfic. MTT just turned 10 and we're working on fun new features and updates. In the meantime we invite readers and writers old and new to come by, check out our 10th anniversary survey, get deep into the mind of PB&J with the Pam Dichotomy and Jim Paradox (now being archived at MTT!) and hey maybe submit a fic or a review or two!
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